Coco Nutrients

coco nutrients

Coco is a full package of nutrients for plants containing all the essential elements. Coco nutrients are used to facilitate optimum growth and flowering to a sprouting plant. Coco nutrients have potassium, lignin, chloride, cellulose, and phosphorus. They also have traces of calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, and micronutrients. Coco nutrients are essential for plants growing in a medium other than soil.

Coco coir nutrients are the best option when using soil to grow. This is because they offer so many nutritional benefits. However, these coco coir nutrients require nutrient supplements to help the plants. You should add coco nutrients to the coir to allow your plants to get all the nutrients they need. There are three types of coco coir, coco pith, which holds water very well; coco fibre, which allows passage of oxygen to the roots and coco pith which performs both works in the plant.

coco nutrients

Coco coir has an advantage in controlling the nutrients you want your plants to have access to. Coco nutrients stabilize the PH value of coco coir which is always almost neutral. The stabilizing of the PH is made easy by using coco nutrients with BAC.

BAC has two types of coco nutrients, the Coco Grow Nutrients and the Coco Bloom Nutrients, which have all the necessary nutrients the plants need to yield the best products. BAC Coco Grow Nutrients are designed to help plants grow, while the Coco Bloom Nutrients are used in the blooming stage.

Advantages of Nutrients by BAC

· They contain high-quality trace elements.
· The plant easily absorbs these nutrients, making it environmentally friendly and an efficient option.
· The nutrients are high quality and pure nutrients.

Coco nutrients are very concentrated; hence very high levels of nutrients which, when added to the plants, helps in the growth or blooming stages.

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