Whichever bus you are looking for, Womy has tons of second hand buses

second hand buses

Second hand buses might sound dirty and unsafe. But it’s Womy their trademark to sell real good and reliable used buses. They have been in the business for over 25 years now and they really know what they are doing. They have a ton of spare parts so whenever they have a halve decent bus they will fix it up to make sure it is running as if new from the factory. And if a bus is too old or in such bad shape that it is unsafe to sell they will break it down for good spare parts! Every bus has a use for them. That’s why they can offer their customers such a broad range of different second hand buses. So if you are curious to find out what they might have to offer for you, go to their site immediately and discover the broad range of buses yourself!

Many different types of buses

It doesn’t matter what kind of bus you need, there are many kinds available. Looking for a city bus? Womy got it. Looking for a touring bus? Womy got you covered. Even for smaller buses and super long buses you can rely on Womy to cover your needs! Their specialty is selling used buses. So with all their connections they got over the past 25 years they can make sure to always have what you are looking for in that particular moment. Say you want to extend your service from city buses only to also mini buses which can be ordered on demand like a taxi, just check out the site and see which options there are for you! Because with their huge stock of available models they surely have the exact bus you are looking for.

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